Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson

3757 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94131

Experienced Software Developer seeking a small, nimble team to make useful things.

Python, JavaScript/NodeJS, Shell Scripting/BASH, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS, Apache, Linux, OS X, Windows, Lucene/Solr, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Splunk, Fluentd, Stripe, React, Angular, Ember

Front, San Francisco
2020 – 2022

Senior Software Engineer

Fullstack developer in a growing, fast moving company that deployed to production multiple times per day. I worked across the codebase, but was primarily responsible for the billing infrastructure and customer feature entitlements.

Some interesting projects were:

Riverbed Technology, San Francisco
2004 – 2019

Riverbed Engineering Infrastructure Development
2011 – 2019, Engineering Analytics

Software generalist responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining tools that provide insight into the function, reliability, and customer usage patterns of Riverbed's products. The tools saw heavy usage by engineering during the initial design and development of a new product line or feature and then transitioned into a long life with the Riverbed sales and tech support teams.

I set up and coded complete systems from the data collection on the client, through backend storage and processing, to the final display in a browser. I continued my support after development and trained other engineers to maintain, extend, and use the tools.

Some highlights include:

Riverbed Hardware Platforms/OEM
2008 – 2010, QA Technical Lead
2006 – 2008, QA Engineer

Distributed workload across team members. Determined time, equipment, and personnel requirements for testing and qualification of internally designed and off-the-shelf servers and individual components, such as USB flash devices, compact-flash memory cards, SSD, HDD, RAM, CPU, cooling fans, power supplies, fiber network interface cards, PoE, and hardware and software RAID.

Designed and developed scripts for bug reproduction, performance testing, and UL certification of Riverbed appliances. Assisted early adopter customers and critical accounts with hardware upgrades and restoration of software. Reviewed customer-facing technical documentation.

Python, Bash, MySQL, HTML/CSS, TCL/Expect, Perl

Riverbed Sales Operations
2004 – 2006

Designed, developed, and maintained an application used by senior management and sales staff to track inventory and order statuses during Riverbed's start‑up phase. It was replaced by an Oracle installation sometime after the RVBD IPO.

The system automatically dispatched orders to contract manufacturers for processing and shipping, and notified the customer and sales staff with tracking information.

PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML/CSS